Grateful for Grants that Give Back

One of the greatest privileges for RFPMatch is that we can locate grants and make it possible for any person to apply to the funding they need. When individuals, school systems, organizations, educators, and others receive funding that makes their dreams possible, we are reminded of why we do what we do.

This month, we want to highlight a partner of ours, Nick Carlucci. Nick is one of many who searched for funding to promote research, education, and so much more for his students. Not only was he searching for funding, but he found it! RFPMatch is honored to celebrate and highlight the stories of successful grant applications that lead to new opportunities and funding. Nick is one of many who are extremely grateful for all that grants can do. 

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Grant

Nick was made aware of an incredible grant opportunity through a company called Chespax. Chespax partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to restore the rockfish population in the bay. Nick, being an elementary school teacher at the time, got the brilliant idea of applying to this grant and using it as a teaching opportunity for his students. His hopes were that the grant would support the Chesapeake watershed curriculum, that students would experience a hands-on field trip, and that the kids would be able to contribute positively to their environment.

The Rockfish Restoration grant provided a funding opportunity of 4,000 dollars. Additionally, the grant winner would large saltwater tanks to raise the rockfish from eggs. After the fish were large enough, the grant then funded the opportunity to release the fish back into the Chesapeake Bay.

The Outcome

After the application was submitted, Nick heard the news that every grant applicant wishes to hear: Nick and his students won the Rockfish Restoration grant. Immediately, the school received the resources to raise the fish. After they were grown, Huntingtown Elementary went on a fieldtrip to release the fish into the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The total amount of fish released was 3,000!

Gratefulness is an Understatement

Any teacher who loves their job and students will tell you that one of the best daily takeaways is seeing a kid learn something new while also having fun. Nick reported that, from start to finish, winning this grant was a great experience for all. He and his students were beyond grateful to receive the grant. Additionally, they were grateful to make a difference in the environment of a local watershed, grateful to learn new things about their local marine life, and to create wonderful memories for all. 

Our Hope

Our hope here at RFPMatch is that we would be a resource for you to find the funding you need to reach your goals and meet your needs. When we get the opportunity to help people by locating grants, it is us who are grateful to be a part of your journey.