Stressing About Writing A Grant?

Recently, I was working on a funding presentation and came across some warning information on a state website regarding grant writing services. This is a caution to school districts and/or schools about free grant writing services.

Beware of Free Grant Writing

There are companies that operate online offering “free” grant writing services that are not free. Some require you sign a contract before receiving an award that ask you to purchase from a third party in exchange for their services if awarded.

However, you cannot use grant funds before you receive the award and any purchases must be allowable. Agreements entered into before you receive a grant award are not payable with funds. We recommend that you contact your attorney before entering into any agreements.

Grant Writing expenses are paid with your funds and are not reimbursable with grant funds.

As a former school district and state department of education administrator, I agree with this cautionary statement. Yet, I completely understand the anxiety and stress many of us feel or have encountered when writing a grant.  The stress can be lessened and even be an enjoyable experiment when you have a buddy – a grant coach or mentor – working with you.

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