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Featured Grant Opportunities

Corporate funders seek to help education.  Check out these major corporations and how they support education.

Active Learning Center Grant

Deadline: 02/03/2020
Type: Corporate

Create active learning environments for your students. See how this corporation supports your classroom here

The Follett Challenge

Deadline: 12/12/19
Type: Corporate
Share your story of an innovative learning program. Learn more here.

Lego WINDSTORMS Voice Challenge

Type: Corporate
Build the future of voice-based experiences through construction and robotics play  Check out this grant.

Vernier Engineering Contest

Type: Corporate
Introduce engineering concepts and practices to your students. See this  grant.

It’s the Time of the Season Filled with Joy

This bright and beautiful time of the year brings a bigger and brighter GrantsAlert in 2020! Soon RFPMatch will unwrap a new GrantsAlert and we want you to share our joy and anticipation. For almost two decades, GrantsAlert continues to be grateful that you chose us to help you make a difference in education. Now […]

The Heart, the Brains, and the Courage in Grant Writing

Every year, teachers quietly and anonymously pay an average of $500, and up to a $1,000, a year for supplies for their classroom.  Yet, this goes beyond pens and papers, and can include lessons and the tools needed to teach them.   For example, a recent Gallup, Inc. report shows that 43% of teachers purchase electronic […]

Stressing About Writing A Grant?

Recently, I was working on a funding presentation and came across some warning information on a state website regarding grant writing services. This is a caution to school districts and/or schools about free grant writing services. Beware of Free Grant Writing There are companies that operate online offering “free” grant writing services that are not […]

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