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Featured Grant Opportunities

As the new school year approaches, check out some of the funds for technology and connectivity.

Award for Advocacy

Deadline: 2/18/19
Type: Other
Are you enthusiastic about education technology?

Check out this grant opportunity here.

Dare to Dream Grants

Deadline: 04/01/19
Type: Foundation

If you are in Minnesota, help your students explore the world outside. Look here.

Summer Reading and Learning Program Grants

Deadline: 01/31/19
Type: State
If you are in South Carolina, work with your library to keep your students reading skills going strong. Learn more here.

Summer Programs

Deadline: 4/30/19
Type: Federal
Looking for professional development opportunities. Look here.

Three Reasons to Fall in Love with Funding

February is a time of year when we are surrounded by images and messages of love. Perhaps you, or someone you know, may be considering a Request for Proposal to the love in your life. At GrantsAlert, we fall in love everyday with being able to help you uncover the resources to make a difference […]

Fall Funding: Challenges & Opportunities

The arrival of fall means your students are back in school. This year, we saw an increased challenge for teachers and schools as they struggle with the lack of resources to meet the demands of a new school year. We read about many, many of you reaching deep into your personal pockets ($479 deep according […]

The Power of Community: Helpers are all around us

Summer’s hit documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, tells the life story of beloved television host Mr. Rogers. It’s a powerful film that highlights the importance of community and of the “helpers” (using Mr. Rogers’ lingo) who surround us. We were reminded of his noble vision of community when this story popped up on our […]

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