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As the new school year approaches, check out some of the funds for technology and connectivity.

Cox Community Connections

Type: Corporate
Looking for funding to support technology to enrich the lives of your school community?

Check out this grant opportunity here.

Computers for Learning

Deadline: 7/31/18
Type: Federal

This is your opportunity to provide computer technology to your students. See this fund to bring computers to your students. Find out more here.

Subway Fresh Films Tech Grant

Deadline: 8/15/18
Type: Corporate
Imagine getting extra technology for your classroom! Learn more here.

Connect for Success

Deadline: 9/21/18
Type: Corporate
Are your students struggling to keep up because they lack laptops and internet access? Learn how to help them here.

The Power of Community: Helpers are all around us

Summer’s hit documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, tells the life story of beloved television host Mr. Rogers. It’s a powerful film that highlights the importance of community and of the “helpers” (using Mr. Rogers’ lingo) who surround us. We were reminded of his noble vision of community when this story popped up on our […]

Successful Grant Writing: A Tip from Italy

One (very lucky) GrantsAlert team member just returned from a glorious vacation in Florence, Italy. Along with tales of rich gelato and amazing art, she shared a story about the Duomo—the city’s iconic dome—that resonated with all of us. Back in Italy’s heyday, an iconic cathedral was built in Florence that included space to add […]

Welcome to the NEW GrantsAlert Site

“Optimization” is the latest buzzword.  It’s the 2018 version of 1998’s “thinking outside the box.” But we know there’s nothing new or trendy about optimization for teachers. Teachers are perennial optimizers! Teachers work tirelessly every single day to make learning as great as possible for their students. Today, in honor of teachers everywhere, we are […]

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