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Featured Grant Opportunities

Health and Science Innovation Challenge Grant

Do you have an innovative project that will improve healthcare and promote STEM? Take a look at this grant that supports K-12 education.

Find this opportunity here under the Grants Tab.

Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grants

Are you in an area that needs comprehensive neighborhood support? Do you have community based partners? Some of the goals of this grant include improving children’s education, safety, and good schools.

Check out this community opportunity under the Grants Tab!

Integrity Arts & Culture Association Mini Grant

Looking for funding that involves educating youth in the arts? Visit the Grants Tab for the Integrity Arts & Culture opportunity.

Entertainment Software Association Foundation Grant

Searching for technology or computer or video games to educate American youth? Look at this opportunity under the Grants Tab.

Welcome to the NEW GrantsAlert Site

“Optimization” is the latest buzzword.  It’s the 2018 version of 1998’s “thinking outside the box.” But we know there’s nothing new or trendy about optimization for teachers. Teachers are perennial optimizers! Teachers work tirelessly every single day to make learning as great as possible for their students. Today, in honor of teachers everywhere, we are […]

The ONE Thing That Must Be in Your Grant Application

“If I’d asked the public what they wanted, they would’ve said a faster horse.”  –Henry Ford* It’s human nature to think about our wants, but as Henry Ford poignantly notes, our wants are often just more of the same. In life—and in grant applications—it’s more important to focus on the needs. By doing this, we […]

How to Pick the Right Grant

In an ideal world, educators should be able to focus all of their energy on their students and pedagogy. Unfortunately, the reality is that educators often must focus on procuring resources, too.  More than ever, teachers and administrators are seeking funding and writing grants to support basic classroom needs. While we cannot fix the root […]

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