Funding Matchmakers Bring You Tradition, Twists, and Transformation

Many thanks to our friend, Joe Mizereck, who since 1996 has dedicated his time and his talents to supporting education and other social organizations by finding and following the money through What an amazing opportunity to walk in his shoes and continuing his untiring “Tradition of Funding Excellence! “ is honored to have our three pillars of funding – search, analyze, and match – converge with At we too have a rich history and earned the reputation of being the foremost funding matchmakers to the education community.  We are thrilled to have this opportunity to  apply our unique skills to continue Joe’s vision for the best in funding insights by enabling you to harness the power of GrantsAlert.

These are challenging times in the world of education funding, with many twists and turns. Where can you find trusted funding insights and learn to navigate the quick twists in funding? Right here at GrantsAlert!

And while all the twists and turns are happening, there is a transformation also underway in funding. More and more funding is moving toward state and local control and decision-making.  So in the months ahead, we are going to help our education community be prepared for this renovation in funding.

On behalf of Joe, we thank you for turning to and trusting GrantsAlert. Our commitment to you as Funding Matchmakers is to:

·      Continue the Tradition of GrantsAlert,

·      Help you navigate the funding Twists, and

·      Provide you a solid foundation for the funding Transformation taking place.