Orange You Ready for More Grant Opportunities?

An orange can boost your immune system and we want to boost your opportunities for more funding. We are sweetening our GrantsAlert “Find Grants” Tool to enable you to uncover more grants to help your students. For only $99 a year or $9 a month, we can bring you a healthy dose of funding.

It’s Citrus Season for Grants Alert – the perfect time to discover new funding sources in education. Many of you may be contemplating and conducting comprehensive needs assessments for another school year. This often involves consideration of evidence-based solutions, evaluation of your current end of the year spending, and a lot of preparation for fresh new spending in the 2020-21 school year. How will you meet the identified needs? GrantsAlert is the right snack to add to your recipe for student success.

Visit the Grants tab at the top of the website, you will also see a map of our grant opportunities. We have listed the number of grants appearing in our tool for your state. As always, we continue to nurture your ability to get to know grants by offering our “jump starter” grants free. These grants feed your beginning journey in grant writing. Now with our new subscription tool, we are taking you to greater heights, closer to the sunshine, to find the perfect match for your funding needs.

Just like this symmetrical orange, funding involves teamwork to make grants meaningful and obtainable. If you need help in writing or have other funding needs, we offer the funding experts to take your fresh ideas and make them attainable and doable. Contact us at

We are pulped to bring you a financial means to support your learners. Orange you glad you are here? We got bushels full of money to bring the best learning solutions to our nation’s children.